About Us

Traditional tiger prawn cultivation has been passed down from generation to generation with the concept of environmentally friendly and sustainable cultivation for future generations and has become a cultivation system that is held firmly by farmers so that the balance of the ecosystem is maintained.

To continue to preserve traditional shrimp farming by prioritizing ecosystems and upholding local wisdom, farmers need an organizational forum that functions to bridge communication with all parties that can support the sustainability of cultivation, so Ecoshrimp member farmers established an organization called Konservasi Indonesai (KOIN) on December May 30, 2012, with Notary Deed No. 62 issued by Notary Abdul Muis Ikhsan, SH and Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights number AHU-0051254.AH.01.07.TAHUN 2016, Baskesbangpol Reg: LSM / 54 / 404.6.4 / VIII / 2012, NPWP 31.544.043.8-617.000 which focuses on the sustainability of small scale cultivation, environment, social community and increasing the resources of small-scale farming communities.

KOIN (Konservasi Indonesia) focus on improving the environment to support sustainable cultivation by involving local communities and small-scale farmers.

Our Vision

“Movement to provide benefits to Indonesia”

Our Mision

Creating and preserving sustainable environment management

Creating an environment manager that supports aquaculture

Develop public awarness build a healthy environment

Take an active role to encourage governments to make public policy that promotes sustainable environmental conservation